History of the Consulate General

Short History of the Consulate General

Russian diplomats of different ranks had visited Isfahan even before the Consulate General was opened. Graves dated back to XVII-XX centuries that remained on the Armenian cemetery show that clearly. Now the Consulate General maintains these graves in order.

Councilor Petr Egorovich Panafidin was appointed as the first Consul General on February 18, 1897. It is appropriate mention here that Russian Imperial Consulate in Isfahan was an initiator of restoration of one of the city`s symbols - Si-o-Se Pol Bridge in 1909.

After the Russian Empire collapsed and the Soviet Union appeared the Consulate General continued to work. After the Second World War finished the Consulate General was shut and recommenced its activity in 1969. In late 60th-early 70th the Soviet Union was busy with construction of big metallurgical plant in Isfahan therefore there were many Soviet citizens in the city and recommencement of Consulate General activity was necessary.

On December 27, 1987 the Consulate General was attacked. Afghans who lived in Isfahan including those who escaped from the war in Afghanistan could get in and set on the fire the administrative building of the Consulate General. Personnel of the Consulate General could hide. Nobody was killed or injured.

Lack of financing in the first years after break-up of the Soviet Union was the reason why the territory of the Consulate General was not in good conditions. Ali Mitkhadovich Moostafabeyly who was appointed as Consul General twice, in 2003-2005 and 2010-2013 did huge work in order to restore the former magnificence of the Consulate General.

Now the Consulate General continues to protect Russian citizens in the provinces of the Consular district (Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman).

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